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Redbull Student winch battle

Actually Rick and I were supposed to go to the Redbull Student Boat Battle in Hannover last weekend. Unfortunately though our slider, the guys took from the Worldcup in St. Peter Ording was stored somewhere in Hamburg and wasn’t brought back to us in Kiel, so we couldn’t do any maintenance work to it. We had to figure out on friday that we couldn’t get rid of the small stands that we used in St. Peter, what meant that we would not be able to set the slider up in the deep water spot the Redbull event would take place at.
That was pretty disappointing not just for us but also for our Photographer Jonas, who came together with an assistant. So we decided to call the Hannover thing and did a winch photo session near the place we both grew up. We had a late night photo shoot till 1 am in the morning we could hardly make it on the rail cause of the bad visibility. Followed by only two hours of sleep at our parents place we rocked up again at 5 am same morning and stayed until mid day – pretty full on! Stay tuned for Pics! ;]

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