Who am I?

My name is Tobias Hölter. I was born in northern Germany in 1988.
I first got into contact with watersport at the age of 12 years, eversince I was thrilled by this new opportunity to move around and express myself.

Quick Profile

  • Name: Tobias Hölter
  • Birthday: 25th of Jan 1988
  • Birthplace: Henstedt-Ulzburg
  • Residence: Kiel, Germany

Gear Setup

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Water sports

I started windsurfing back in the days but it was sure that I would start Kitesurfing was the new Windsurfing to me!
kiting as soon as I would have the money to afford theequipment and any other necessities like lessons.
In 2004 I finally started my way into kiteboarding. I progressed pretty fast thanks to my kite training with my dear friend Rick Jensen on local meadows!

2007 I entered the German Tour for the last stop and made my way through the double elimination on the second day of the event although I couldn’t compete the first day I ended up 7th. This motivated me to reach for heigher goals for the next season.

1st stepping stone

After some negotiations at the beginning of 2008 JN Kites greatly offered me to join the company as a teamrider. Same Year I entered the whole german Tour and ended up 4th overall with an sweet 3rd place at the last event. Since 2011 I am member of the Pryde Group riding for Cabrinha Kiteboarding!

My future plans are to join my part to bring this fun triggering sport to a new level of acceptance both in the fun sport community and in the ‘outerworld’!

What am I doing?

Kitesurfing is my biggest passion. If been for while now and the driving motivation still is the fun have on the water, the people that I meet and of course travelling to foreign destinations.

Wakeboarding for me is a great opportunity get out on my board even-though there is not any wind. Also the obstacle setup in the Park doesn’t need to be moved at all time so gives me the chance to concentrate on my rail and kicker skills.

Ever since I started doing kiteboarding professionally video taping and editing become a huge part of my routine as a kiteboarder. To let people participate in my activities and start conversation I find it to be the perfect tool to connect to the community of kiteboarders