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Redbull Student winch battle

Actually Rick and I were supposed to go to the Redbull Student Boat Battle in Hannover last weekend. Unfortunately though our slider, the guys took from the Worldcup in St. Peter Ording was stored somewhere in Read more →

WorldCup StPO

I had a good few days fun together with my ossie mate Simon who came to pay me a visit only a few days before the comp started. The weekend was pretty quiet cos we didn’t have enough wind so Rick and I decided to do a little side event together with redbull. We set up our Slider at Read more →


Just two weeks after the last event my friend Rick and I started out our way to France, where we were joining the Sliderparty, an annual event in the area of Perpignan not far from the French-Spanish border at the Mediterranean Sea.
The event like the name kind of stipulates Read more →

Kitesurf-Trophy Damp

So last weekend we had the first tourstop of our german championship series, the Kitesurf-Trophy. Roughly about 70+ rider all gathered on the baltic sea in a lovely health resort, that they call Damp2000. Due to public holiday we ran the competition from Saturday to Tuesday, which gave us solid 4 days with promising wind prediction ahead. Read more →

2nd Winner Ridersmatch

Hey guys, thanks for all your support. Riders Match is over and a decision has been made, South Africa Gamble ended up second place! A reason to celebrate I guess..
Riders Match is a video contest addressing extreme sports video creators and has been around for a few years now. Read more →

KST – Büsum

Angeln Statt Kiten – Büsum is one of the best flat water spot we have in Northern Germany. So everyone among the riders is kinda thrilled that we just had our second Kitesurf-Trophy year in a row at this great spot. It works on various westerly blowing wind directions excluding north winds. When it comes to any east directions whatsoever though it doesn’t work! Luckly we picked a weekend with the worst forecast ever seen – all weekend in purple means literally no wind. JACKPOT!

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