New Album 2009

Post picture Hey everyone, since I haven’t had much time to put on many pix lately, I now updated my gallery finally. Even the long promised pictures from Rottnest made their way into the Oz album.. Yeah! So go and have look! From now on its gonna be easier for me to keep the gallery up-to-date too and there are pictures coming up soon from the starting PKRA event in St. Peter ;)

stay tuned! cheers, tobi

XCEL Rocks!

Post pictureHi folks! Since I got a new supporter this Year I did some editing at the sponsors page! I’m riding my new wetsuits for a couple of weeks now and I’m fully satisfied! To find out more information about this issue just follow the link in the main navigation of this page!

Cheers Tobi

Time for an update!

Post pictureMy galleries are finally online. And they are working aswell, hooray! Just gotta do some layout detailing again, that will take me a while, but at least you get to see a few pictures.
Upcoming week I’ll try to fill in the remaining content, after that there are supposed to be no dramatic changes anymore.

Stay tuned!

Some new content

Post pictureI almost spent the whole day getting used to this blog and all it’s functions. My greatest respect to the creator of this mighty internet tool!

Neways.. it actually didn’t happen too much, I was mainly working on different sidebars for each and every page. Lets see if it helps.


Hey first visible results!

Post pictureI dressed up the lady with a new outfit and some makeup, hope you like it…
although this metamorphosis hasn’t ended yet I’ll try to set up the other pages soon and put on some pics!

cya, Tobi

Welcome to my new blog!

As you can see there’s not much done about this page yet but I promise to fill this lack of content and layout within the upcoming weeks.

So  stay tuned!

Cheers, Tobi