‘Trick Minute’ – Krypt

This new episode of ‘Trick Minute’ will show you how to do a ‘Raley frontside 180′ also known as Krypt. It’s basically just a Raley that you land on the toeside edge of your board.
So you will actually perform a 180 degree rotation, letting you back foot become your new front foot when standing on the board.

XCEL Rocks!

Post pictureHi folks! Since I got a new supporter this Year I did some editing at the sponsors page! I’m riding my new wetsuits for a couple of weeks now and I’m fully satisfied! To find out more information about this issue just follow the link in the main navigation of this page!

Cheers Tobi

New Sponsorship!

Post pictureHey guys, I just got the confirment that XCEL is going to support me this season with their cutting-edge wetsuit products.
Check the webpage click here, these guys are really doing a great job. So far I was wearing these wetsuits ones and I can tell you it felt alltime!
I’m gladly looking forward to the collaboration with this company and hope its gonna be a long lasting one, too!

Cheers, Tobi